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About the HOA’s Website

This is a small website that is run by the board of directors.  We plan to post information on events, meetings, deadlines, and other information this site.  It may not be fancy, but it is donated time and webspace, so we save the association some money. 

Please use the forums for any general discussion about the HOA, as well as suggestions and to view documents.  We also have areas setup for buying/selling/trading with neighbors, or finding babysitters/lawn care, etc. 

For complaints dealing with other neighbors (unfortunate, but it happens), please contact LPI directly so they can document the problem.  Please remember that not everything is in the control of the HOA, and for many issues, LPI may direct you to contact the City of Pearland Code Enforcement Office. 

If you’d like to contribute to this website or the newsletter, please contact our current President, or Chad Hammons (site admin).